Mayor's Office

Mayor Fred Teague

Fred Teague, a life-long resident of Russellville and proud Russellville High School alumnus, is eager and honored to begin his term as Mayor in 2023. 

Mayor Teague and his wife of 32 years, Pam, have two children, Dylan and Victoria. Over the past 3 decades, they built three successful businesses in Russellville. In 2013, Mayor Teague co-founded Russ Bus (and continues to serve as Executive Director), an organization that helps local homeless find shelter, stability, and learn life skills. For almost 2 years, he served as Director of Housing and Homeless Prevention with ARVAC and continues to serve as Associate Pastor of Journey Church. In 2022, Mayor Teague helped launch One Roof, an organization that houses eight nonprofits that provide a variety of care and services to the area’s at-risk residents and families.

He brings to City Hall and the Office of the Mayor his devotion and commitment to serving his community and neighbors. His focus is on engaging our community and improving the quality of life for everyone who makes Russellville their home.

The City of Russellville is organized as a Mayor/Council form of government. The City Council is the City’s legislative body and consists of eight Council members. The Council sets policy, determines programs and services, and approves the City budget. Mayor Teague is distinguished as the head of the city government and is responsible for implementing policy developed by the Council and managing City operations.
Mayor Teague works with the following departments that provide daily operations and public service which keep Russellville running efficiently.
Animal Control
Human Resources
Information Technology
Oakland Cemetery
Planning and Development
Public Works
Recreation and Parks
City Hall