Administrative Division

Administrative Division
The Administrative Division of the Russellville Police Department oversees the day-to-day operations of the Russellville Police Department. The Support Services, Quartermaster, Warrants, Training and Support Lieutenant are directly accountable to the Administrative Captain.

Division Services
This division is responsible for:
  • Entering of Police Reports
  • Entering of Collision Reports
  • Collection of Fine Payments
  • Entering and Inventory of Evidence
  • Building and Vehicle Maintenance
  • Serving Warrants
  • District Court Bailiff
  • NIBRS updating

The Administrative Division is a key asset to keeping and maintaining the daily operations of the Russellville Police Department. 

Shannon Bailey

Shannon Bailey (Left) is the Administrative Assistant to the Chief of Police

Tracy Abbott (Right) works in Warrants and is an Administrative Clerk

Pictured below from left to right are Hannah Rivas, Emilee Kelly and Josie Rolen who work as Administrative Clerks.

Tracy Abbott
Rivas Hannah RPD
Kelly Emilee
Rolen Josie RPD