Shift Supervisors

The Patrol Division is divided into 4 shifts, and each shift consists of 9 or 10 Officers including an Assistant Watch Commander (Sergeant) and a Watch Commander (Lieutenant). Each shift covers the 4 patrol zones within the city limits of Russellville.

A/B Shift - LT. Monty Bonds

Monty Bonds

C/D Shift - LT. Matt Jacobs

Matt Jacobs

A Shift - SGT. Jimmy Richard

Jimmy Richard

B Shift - SGT. Corey Anderson

Cory Anderseron

C Shift - SGT. Ricky Hendrix

Ricky Hendrix

D Shift - SGT. Danny Dunson

Danny Dunson

A Shift - SGT. Justin Conway

Justin Conway

B Shift - SGT. Daniel Coates

Daniel Coates

C Shift - SGT. Kyle Cromer

Kyle Cromer

D Shift - SGT. Casey Jacimore

Casey Jacimore
Duties & Responsibilities
The Patrol Division is frequently referred to as the backbone of the Police Department. Officers of this division are the most familiar to the general public because they are responsible for the 24-hour task of responding to calls for:
  • Accident investigation
  • Apprehending criminals
  • Community interaction
  • Conducting preliminary criminal investigations
  • Preventing criminal activity
  • Service
  • Traffic enforcement