Community Outreach & Education

Russellville Fire Department’s Community Outreach and Education services provide quality fire, medical and life safety initiatives and support programs to educate and inform those who live, work, and visit Russellville.  RFD maintains an active presence at community special events. Our goal is to enhance Customer Service by serving the public through community outreach, emergency preparedness, medical aid, public safety and other forms of public relations. 

Russellville Fire Department’s Community Outreach and Education services include:

  1. Event Command Post - Active presence in the Command Post during an event.
  2. Emergency Preparedness - All-hazard units dedicated for event.
  3. Standby Medical Aid - Stationary and/or mobile medical response.
  4. Crowd Management - Occupancy and safety checks at large gatherings.
  5. Apparatus Showcase - Display apparatus for the public.
  6. Fire Safety Education - Provide education as an event participant.
  7. Public Meet and Greet - Provide Customer Service, educational materials and information at public events and expos.

Other education outreach programs include:

  1. Firefighter school visits
  2. Fire station tours
  3. Scout programs and station visits
  4. Home safety checks
  5. Smoke alarm assistance
  6. Falls prevention and fire safety for seniors
  7. Stop the BleedingTM training
  8. Hands-Only CPR and AED training
  9. Fire extinguisher training
  10. Workplace fire safety presentations