Community Classroom

The new Central Fire Station was designed to enhance the relationship and promote a partnership with the community, while allowing emergency operations to function with minimal disruption. The first floor of this new facility houses the RFD Training Classroom used primarily for fire and medical training. 

The planned design also created a secure and accommodating environment for public use. Since its inception, citizen groups and members of the public have utilized this space for a Community Classroom. The unique location offers an opportunity for groups to get away from their workplace and convene for special meetings, training sessions and seminars. This space provides full amenities such as movable tables and chairs, a sound proof partition, a full break room, digital media using the latest technology and public restrooms.

Some of the groups that have already taken advantage of the Community Classroom are financial institutions, educational and academic institutions, public safety agencies and civic organizations. 

For inquiries about using the Community Classroom for your group or event, contact us at (479) 968-2332, Monday - Friday, between 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.