Fire, Building & Safety Division

Fire, Building & Safety Division

The Fire, Building & Safety Division is established in order to provide the City of Russellville a full range of services encompassing fire prevention, building construction, permitting and safety. The Division is focused on minimizing the loss of life and property, and damage to the environment through education, code compliance and preparedness. We are committed to providing the highest level of service and expertise in partnership with our community.

Staffing within the Division consists of fire marshals, building officials, inspectors, plan reviewers and permit clerks. Our primary goal is to increase efficiency of service by streamlining the review, inspection and approval process, therefore enhancing the overall building experience in Russellville.

Responsibilities of the Division

Residential and Commercial Building Application and Permits - In accordance with the Arkansas Fire Prevention Code (IBC, IRC), the building official shall receive applications, review construction documents and issue permits, for the erection and alteration, demolition (commercial) and moving (commercial) of buildings and structures, inspect the premises for which such permits have been issued and enforce compliance with the provisions of this code.

Business Licensing - New and existing businesses are required to purchase annual business licenses.  The Permits Clerks within the Division issue new or renewal licenses.

Plan Review - This Division performs plan review and commentary on commercial and residential projects. This includes research and development of codes and ordinances to protect the lives and property of those who live, work and visit Russellville. Submitted plans are reviewed for compliance with the Arkansas Fire Prevention Code and referenced NFPA standards. Plan reviews include building construction, fire protection systems, commercial kitchens and other building and life safety components.

Fire and Building Inspections - The Division performs inspections on new and existing commercial and residential projects during the construction phases and at the final completion for Certificate of Occupancy. Inspections include building, trade and fire protection systems.  

Fire Investigations - On-duty and/or on-call fire investigators in the Division conduct fire cause investigations through scene analysis, data collection and evidence processing. Investigators work closely with Fire Operations and RPD-CID.

Public Education As part of the Russellville Fire Department’s fire safety education program the Division coordinates the activities scheduled in the community. The Division offers free fire extinguisher training classes to those that work and live in Russellville.

Public Information Officer Members of the Division carry out the duties as Department PIO for Media Relations and Command support.

Special Events The Division coordinates all special events and community outreach programs. 

Open Burning The Division provides oversight for and/or issues residential and commercial open burn permits.

Special Permits The Division issues special permits for Fireworks Display, Indoor Pyrotechnics and Bonfires.