Historic Planning Documents

El Paso Master Plan

The El Paso corridor area was identified as a special planning district within the 2013 Russellville Downtown Master Plan. The El Paso Plan was approved in 2017 by the Planning Commission. City Council passed Ordinance No. 2297 later in 2017, including the El Paso Plan into the zoning code. It can be found in Article II of the Zoning Code.

El Paso Master Plan
El Paso Ave. Implementation Plan

Russellville Downtown Plan

In 2009 Russellville City Council approved the creation of a Downtown Master Plan. This plan would lay the groundwork for future development in Downtown Russellville. The initial plan was adopted by City Council 2012. It was then updated in 2017, to reflect the changes that had happened in Downtown Russellville since the original plan was adopted.

Updated Downtown Master Plan
Downtown Master Plan

Comprehensive Development Plan

In 1997 the City of Russellville entered into an agreement with the Burnham Group to create a Comprehensive Development Plan. The agreement led to the creation of the 2020 Comprehensive Development Plan. The plan was superseded by the Reimagine Russellville 2040 plan in December of 2020.

2020 Comprehensive Development Plan 

Historic Zoning Codes

The City has continuously updated the zoning code to reflect the changing demands of the community. This has led to a series of zoning codes being adopted and then superseded. The links below show major updates to the Russellville zoning code. 

Adopted 10/10/1968
Adopted 10/28/1967
Adopted 8/19/1999
Adopted 3/21/2002
Adopted 3/16/2006
Adopted 4/19/2007
Adopted 4/19/2007 - with all revisions through June 2022
Adopted 12/15/2022 - Zoning Code
Adopted 12/15/2022 - Land Subdivision & Development Code

Historic Zoning Maps

Zoning Maps detail what zones have been assigned to what properties inside the city. These maps are routinely updated. The links below show major updates to the Russellville Zoning Map.

Zoning Map 1959
Zoning Map 1968
Zoning Map 1969
Zoning Map 1974
Zoning Map 1976
Zoning Map 1988
Zoning Map 1994